About Me

I’m originally from Charles Town, West Virginia (Let’s go Mountaineers!) and went to college in Miami. In 2005, me and two of my best friends decided on a whim to move to Tampa. While they’ve since relocated, I continue to call Tampa home and have fallen in love with this beautiful, sunny, warm, friendly, laid-back city. I’ve also fallen in love with Jess Denny, whom I met four years ago and have been captivated with ever since. On February 16, 2018, we’ll be married at Tampa Bay Watch in Tierra Verde. Through my 13 years living in Tampa, the last four with Jess as my sidekick, we’ve tried just about every culinary experience in the Bay Area. After months of talking about it, we’ve finally written down our favorites for out-of-towners (and, selfishly, guests of our wedding) to enjoy. Hope you find our Tampa Bay food guide useful. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or recommendations on places we’ve missed (we’re constantly searching for the next-best dish).

Jess and Bryan Burns Tampa Bay Food Guide

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